Alps Curved Trolling Butt Aluminum

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ALPS creativity shines on these curved aluminum Trolling Butts. Much like the ALPS straight Trolling Butts, these are the only butts to rely on when that prize fish is on. The identical approach is applied to the curved Trolling Butts in both regular and short. Featuring three sections of the “No Spin Pinning System” to lock the collar, hood, and gimbal on your rod. Adding to not only the fantastic looks and boundless strength the Trolling Butts are CNC machined from 6061-T6 marine grade aluminum then given a hard anodized coating. Finally a trolling butt that is curved, that allows you to not worry about your reel or equipment or losing that trophy fish of a lifetime.

All models include color matching Ferrule and Nut

Replacement ferrule and Nut also available 


Part Number Length (MM) Length (IN) Ferrule ID (MM) Ferrule ID (IN) Line Class 
BUB2C 723.900 28.500 22.20 0.873 30-50lb
BUB4C 749.300 29.500 25.40 1.000 50-80lb
BUB6C 468.350 30.250 30.20 1.188 130lb




Part Number Length (MM) Length (IN) Ferrule ID (MM) Ferrule ID (IN) Line Class 
BUBS2C 463.550 18.250 22.20 0.873 30-50lb
BUBS4C 622.300 24.500 25.40 1.000 50-80lb


Colors Available: Black, Silver, Black/Gold

*BUBS4C: Black and Silver Only.

*Delayed delivery may result due to limited stocking