Alps Heavy Duty Aluminum Gimbal

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ALPS heavy duty gimbal is perfect on any build requiring and demanding harsh conditions of the open sea! This unique heavy duty gimbal features two deep angle cuts in a slot design that allows the gimbal to pivot left to right without losing contact with the locking pin. Like all ALPS aluminum products, this heavy duty gimbal features CNC machined from 6061-T6 marine grade aluminum then hard anodized coated for an amazing finish. The difference will set the ALPS heavy duty gimbal apart from the rest!

Colors available: Black, Cobalt Blue,Pale Gold, Silver, Titanium, Green, Purple, Red

Suggested Gimbal Covers: Forecast Bulb Style Butt Caps: (BC) or Forecast Medium/Long Gimbal Cover (MBC or LBC)

Gimbal: size 22 = BC25B or MBC25B, size 25 = BC26B or MBC27B, size 27 = BC28B or LBC30B