Alps Wrap Machine/Dryer Machine PARTS

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ALPS wrap machine with the upgraded ALPS chuck, is the best wrap machine on the market to help complete the build process and shorten the time to build a rod. ALPS wrap machine with the upgraded chuck is attached to a four foot aluminum base and comes with an additional base section of aluminum to give you eight feet of workable building space. If you need more length, additional aluminum bases are available. The upgraded ALPS self-centering chuck with two different chuck clamps and with a locking set screw, will hold any blank diameter. A variable speed foot pedal and dial give you complete control of your RPM’s. The ALPS wrap machine with upgraded ALPS chuck also has the ability to double as a lathe for you to turn your own cork. This complete set comes with a wrapping motor, drying motor, multi-spool thread transport with tensioning device, and three fully adjustable rod stands with ball bearings. In addition, the ALPS wrap machine with the ALPS chuck system has multiple drying speed options of 10, 14, and 18 RPM’s. Perfect for any novice or expert rod builder who is serious about rod building and wants to simplify the whole process.

Available in 220V