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AT - CRSD-T Reel Seats

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CRSD-T Reel Seats

Graphite Deluxe Casting Reel Seat with Trigger and Cushioned Silver Hood

  • Light weight and durable graphite/nylon body composition
  • Graphite cushioned hoods firmly secures reel feet and prevents electrolytic corrosion
  • Ribbed I.D. for better glue bonding
  • Hoods available in stainless and black
  • Self-aligning hood/nut assembly
CRSD-T Reel Seat Specs
Stainless  Black  I.D.  Rear O.D.  Length 
CRSDT-20  CRSDT-20B  .78"(20mm)  1.10" (28mm)  5.11" (130mm) 
CRSDT-22  CRSDT-22B  .86" (22mm)  1.18" (30mm)  5.11" (130mm) 
CRSDT-24  CRSDT-24B  .94" (24mm)  1.31" (33.5mm)  5.39" (137mm)