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Basic Rod Building Class

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Learn how to build a custom rod of your own! We individually instruct you on the tools, steps, and technique to build your own custom fishing rod. The class fee includes all the materials and components for an inshore spinning set up. Classes begin at 8:00am and conclude at 4:30pm. 

This includes everything you'll need to make your own custom rod. The blank is a Rainshadow Rx4 SWS70L blank which features a rugged graphite series blank that is a saltwater multipurpose blank that have a wide variety of actions and uses, a must in every saltwater bound boat. Rainshadow fuses a unique blend of RX4 Toray graphite and E-Glass composite in a matrix with a strong, high-impact resin system to create their RX4 blanks. This material offers anglers durable, yet sensitive fishing, along with impressive strength to handle more rugged situations. RX4 is perfect for anglers who fish under the harshest conditions and favor durability over precise feel. Not only will these blanks get the job done, they deliver the prize. The SWS70L comes in at a 7' 0" length and is an inshore/pier rod, matte grey in color, with a line rating of 12-20lbs. It can launch lures that are 1/2-2 1/2oz in weight, medium action, L Power, and weighs a total of 3.0oz. 

1 day class: Spinning Rod Configuration

The guides that come with the basic set up are single footed braced guides by ForeCast. The VS3 line is a ForeCast Jaguar Design exclusive. The ForeCast VS3 guides feature a unique middle frame brace that not only enhances sensitivity but reduces frame twisting. This adds to the overall frame strength with minimal weight increase. ForeCast VS3 guides middle brace also aides in guide alignment during the final stages of your build. This is the perfect guide for medium to heavy freshwater spinning rods and most inshore saltwater spinning rods. These Black ForeCast VS3 guide frames are constructed from SS304 stainless steel, so corrosion is not a worry. The Hard Aluminum Oxide rings it comes equipped with can withstand the harsh demands of braid and spectra line. 

2 day class: Conventional Rod Configuration

Nearly identical to the ALPS medium MXN guide in titanium, this is the stainless steel version to turn to when building your rod. These medium MXN guides are superb when looking for a casting guide for light to medium applications. Rated for 12-30lb test, due to the SS316 stainless steel frame construction, it also provides extreme corrosion resistance. ALPS medium MXN guides in stainless steel feature the sought out recessed ring design (RRD) creating a wider gluing surface between the ceramic ring and guide frame, enhancing the bond between the ring and frame while also protecting the ring from impact. One of the many unique features, that sets the medium MXN guides apart from the competition, is the frame design. This frame design nearly eliminates all line wrap while increasing strength without adding needless weight.

The grips of the beginning rod class feature a 5" EVA foam fore grip, a graphite reel seat, a 12" EVA foam rear grip, and a bulb style butt cap. To trim the grip section is a Hosel style winding check and a stainless steel black hook keeper.

You will also receive 2 spools of flat colored ProWrap Thread of your choice and a thread burnishing tool. 

The rod glue, finish, brushes, and other supplies are provided for each class.  

You also have the option of taking home your own hand wrapping stand for the next custom rod that you will build for an additional $50.00. 

Purchase the basic rod building class today so that you can get out there and get hooked up! 

*substitutions are not available for basic rod components. This set up was specifically assembled to ensure that your rod can be built in the time frame that we have allotted while remaining affordable. The rod dryer will be provided for your class but is not included in the basic class price. It can be purchased separately.


We appreciate your business and the FishOn Customs team is excited to be a part of your rod building journey. Although we understand that situations may arise – your local waters may be producing bites that haven’t been seen for years or your buddy bought his first boat and wants to go for a test trip – please understand that we take your learning seriously and work diligently to assure you have a quality class experience. So, rescheduling and cancellations will be subject to the following:


  • Reschedule any time up to 7 calendar days before the class date (in the case of multiple day classes the first class date). Reschedules must be confirmed via email


  • Cancel any time up to 7 days before the class date to receive a full refund of your class fees. If you need to cancel after the 7th calendar day before the start of your class, you will only be refunded 50% of the class fees