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Custom Salt Water Rod Building Kit

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This Custom kit includes everything you need to build you're own Med/Heavy 30lb line class rod. It includes An 8' 1" Rainshadow blank rated at 20-40lb, A bulb style butt cap, EPDM fore and rear grips, an aluminum center locking reel seat with the color of your choice, a rubber trim ring, Alps med/heavy guides with Hard Aluminum Oxide ring inserts and the matching tip top. It also comes with guide spacing to help get you wrapping even faster. It's the perfect set up for a day trip on your favorite boat targeting Yellowtail, Dorado, or school size tuna. Paired with an Avet MXJ Raptor or Seigler SG, you'll be ready to fight your catch and get it to the boat. 



8' 1 pc. med/Hvy Glass S/W


Bulb B/C 24mm ID - Black


EPDM Grip L:10" OD: 1.25"   ID: .6875"


Centra-Lock  Alum Machined R/S 24 - Green


EPDM Grip L:10" OD: 1.25"   ID: .6875"


Hosel .780" I.D.


SS316-RRD 'P' Top 10 'H' ring 11.5 tube - DBC/Black-ALPS


SS316-XN Guide w/'H' ring  - DBC/Black-ALPS

Size 25, 20, 16, 12, 10 (x5)