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Daiwa is pleased to announce a partnership with Winn Corporation in creating a new beautifully appointed series of saltwater rods, the Proteus Winn Boat Rods. The Daiwa exclusive new Winn Grip Wrap is bot h attractive and functional providing a sure grip that is firm and rugged.  

The HVF Carbon Technology constructed blank is lighter and stronger than conventional materials, well suited for the demands of active, coastal fishing. X-45 Carbon Bias Technology resists twisting and distortion as the blank loads up, maintaining a bend accuracy whether casting or pulling on a fish. Fuji® FazLite Tangle Free K-Guides cast long and straight and refuse to hang-up while leaving a small footprint on the blank.

The innovative Fuji Back Stop Lock Nut System firmly attaches the reel and never backs off. Available with a black rubber butt cap or a gimble rubber butt cap depending on the angler’s needs. With 16 models to choose from in both spinning and casting designs, this series has a rod that is right for you. The series matches well with Daiwa’s exclusive new Lexa Winn reels.

The superior quality components and construction is backed up by a Limited Lifetime Warranty. If you are looking for boat rods designed for the techniques and rigors of inshore and offshore fishing on both coasts, look no further than the smashingly attractive Proteus Winn Boat Rods, great looks equaled by great performances. 

PRWNC70MHF Conventional MH F 7' 1 15-30 (40-80 BRAID)
PRWNC70HF Conventional H F 7' 1 20-50 (55-100 BRAID)
PRWNC74XXHF Conventional XXH F 7'4" 1 80 BRAID
PRWNC76MHF Conventional MH F 7'6" 1 15-30 (40-80 BRAID)
PRWNC76HF Conventional H F 7'6" 1 20-50 (55-100 BRAID)
PRWNC76XHF Conventional XH F 7'6" 1 30-60 (70-120 BRAID)
PRWNC80MHF Conventional MH F 8' 1 15-30 (40-80 BRAID)
PRWNC80HF Conventional H F 8' 1 20-50 (55-100 BRAID)
PRWNC80XHF Conventional XH F 8' 1 30-60 (70-120 BRAID)
PRWNC810MHF Conventional MH F 8'10" 1 15-30 (40-80 BRAID)
PRWNC810HF Conventional H F 8'10" 1 30-50 (55-100 BRAID)