Flex Coat Lite Build Wrap Finish

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Flex Coat. For over 30 years the name has said it all. Hard yet flexible, Flex Coat is the wrap finish that all other brands are compared to. And with good reason…Flex Coat offers the very best combination of properties found in a quality thread wrap epoxy finish. Superior leveling, outstanding durability, brilliant clarity and unequaled adhesion make Flex Coat the world’s #1 epoxy wrap finish.

If you desire a lighter weight, thinner coating, choose Flex Coat Lite. Beginners love how easy it is to use. Prose choose "Lite" for its elegant appearance. Perfect for fly rods and ultra light rods. Multiple coats can be applied if you desire more depth without additional weight. 

The lite build formula is used for lighter and thinner coats of finish. The 4 oz kit comes with Yorker caps making it easier and cleaner to measure both parts into a mixing cup.