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Double Foot Surf Rod Guides

Double-foot, tangle-resistant casting stripper

Can be reversed for use as a surf rod spinning stripper

Crossover: Mostly used as a stripper in heavy surf rods.

The LC Frame is famous for managing line as a stripper guide on large surf rods but is available down to a size 5.5 and can be used as a running guide as well.

LC frames are a longstanding choice of heavy surf rod builders looking for strength and durability in big rods that take a beating. Long sweeping frame legs add a measure of tangle resistance and when faced with single leg forward on the stripper they provide a smooth casting surf set up.

LC Double Foot Micros are just a slight bit taller than KW (approximately a half to one millimeter) and also have a slightly longer footprint. They are very strong and have a long history as an excellent choice under tough conditions. The long footprint makes it this guide perform much like the tangle free design of the K-Series