Fuji Guides - BMNAG (Discontinued)

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MN Frames are an excellent choice for many casting rod applications and are sized to serve the function of casting rod strippers and even complete reduction train guides on spinning rods. MN’s are used on many traditional concept guide factory rods and have an excellent record for durability and dependability in a wide variety of applications Click for product listing.

MN frames are extremely versatile and tangle resistant, They are often considered as a casting or spinning running guide on larger rods, but with sizes up to 40 mm they can also be used for medium heavy surf rod reduction guides. For example, a size 40 MN is 62.1 mm in height, making it tall enough for virtually any heavy spinning rod layout.

Double-foot, medium/heavy duty, tangle-resistant running guide

Crossover: A proven choice for mid-sized running guide trains but available in large sizes that can be used as strippers.

Crossover: Most often used as a running guide but available in reduction guide sizes


Frame Material Stainless Steel
Ring Material Alconite
Ring Sizes Available

8, 10, 12, 16, 20, 25, 30, 40