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Double Foot Polished SIC Guides

Double foot design for spinning and baitcasting applications. Patented tanglefree design for braid, mono and fluorocarbon lines.

KW: Double-Foot, Tangle-Free, K-Series "New Guide Concept" Casting and Spinning Guides.

The KW Frame is a double-foot, Concept Guide used on a wide variety of NGC builds. KW features a tangle-free, double-sloped frame and ring with the deep-pressed ring and short footprint characteristic of all K-Series guides. In sizes ranging from 5mm to 50mm, KW is used on surf rods, stand-u and offshore rods as well as on freshwater baitcasting set ups.

NOTE: The 10M and 12M guides are special heights designed specifically for use in RV-H reduction guides trains for heavy KR Concept rods.