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Hitena Thread - Metallic Aurora (100yd Spool)

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STWRAP Rod Wrapping Thread - Metallic Aurora

- Color shifting metallic threads available in 12 colors
- Color changes by different light, angle and blank color
- Due to the holographic pattern, even single trim band stands out prominently
- All Aurora threads come with Lifetime UV Color Fastness Guarantee (Color never fades over time)
- Size A and C available in 100yd, 1 oz spool (400yd)

Color change of Aurora Metallic Threads could be drastic when Finish Epoxy is applied depending on thread/blank color combination. 1402 Aurora White, for example, looks prism White on white blank but shifts bluish when wrapped on dark blank. Please check photos that shows wrap on black vs white blank - Test wrap recommended for all colors.