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Hitena Thread - Metallic Noble (100 yd spools)

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STWRAP Rod Wrapping Thread - Metallic Noble

- Extremely vibrant, bright and translucent metallic threads, 17 colors available
- While keeping its most vivid look of metallic thread, Noble thread turns translucent and takes up blank color when Finish Epoxy is applied (Use of Color Preserver is recommended to keep its original vibrant thread color) 
- Absolutely gorgeous when wrapped on bamboo rod
- All Noble threads come with Lifetime UV Color Fastness Guarantee (Color never fades over time)
- 1303 Silver was made with real silver for the best presentation (Non-translucent)
- Size A and B available in 100yd spool

- Finest metallic thread
     - True to its size - STWRAP Metallic A is True Size A, it's not Size B or C labeled as Size A
     - Size is consistent in line with Hitena's Thread Sizing System across Nylon, NCP, Silk and Metallic threads

- Highest quality construction
     - Ultra smooth texture
     - Absolutely round
     - Doesn't fray easy
     - Sits perfectly flat on blank just like STWRAP Nylon and NCP threads
     - Consistent tension
        Normal metallic thread irregularly stretches 10~55% to result in thread break during wrapping or undesired output. Stretch of STWRAP Metallic is tightly controlled within 18+/-3% range so consistent tension is maintained during wrapping 

- Lifetime UV Color Fastness Guarantee
     - More than 90% of STWRAP Metallic comes with Lifetime UV color fastness guarantee (Color never fades over time)
     - Check Size Availability Chart to see Lifetime UV color fastness guarantee thread

- Uniqueness
     - Noble, Aurora, Zebra Stripe and Versa threads turn out in truly unique way that couldn't be found anywhere else