Hitena Thread - Metallic Vivid (Size A, 100 yd)

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Rod Wrapping Thread - Metallic Vivid (Single Color)

- 98 Vibrant single color metallic thread 
- Size A and B available in 100 yd, 1 oz (A 700 yd) spool
- Size B is recommended for Power Wrapper

 Finest metallic thread
     - True to its size - STWRAP Metallic A is TRUE A, it's not B or C thread labeled A
     - Size is consistent with Hitena's Thread Sizing System all across Nylon, NCP, Silk, Glow and Metallic

- Ultra smooth texture
     - Compare STWRAP Metallic to any other metallic threads you are currently using and you'll see the difference immediately

- Absolutely round
     - Sits perfectly flat at wrapping just like STWRAP Nylon and NCP threads  

- Highest quality construction
     - Super tight twisted and doesn't fray easy
     - Normal metallic threads stretches anywhere between 10% and 55% with elongation fluctuating even in the same spool and this is a reason for thread breaking during wrapping and undesired result.
     - STWRAP Metallic's stretch is tightly controlled to stay within 18+/-3% narrow range so consistent tension is maintained at wrapping 

- Lifetime UV Color Fastness Guarantee
     - More than 85% of STWRAP Metallic comes with Lifetime UV color fastness guarantee
     - Refer to the Size Availability Chart to check Lifetime UV color fastness guarantee list

- Uniqueness
     - Noble, Aurora, Zebra Stripe and Versa come out in truly unique pattern that couldn't be found anywhere else
     - 1303 Pure Silver contains genuine silver for the best presentation  

*Size B recommended for power wrapper