Hitena Thread - NCP

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STWRAP® Rod Wrapping Thread - NCP (No Color Preserver)

[Size Option] AA (#6/0), A, B, C, D, E

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- NCP Rod Wrapping Thread made from 100% nylon (Color Preserver is not required to keep original color)
- Consistent tension makes wrapping much better and easier
Sits perfectly flat on blank
Least color fading upon finish apply 
- Completely absorbs finish epoxy all the way down to the blank and spreads very nicely
- Hardly forms fuzz upon razor cut
- Slight side pulling upon razor cut makes tag end disappear into the wrap itself     
Lifetime Guarantee for UV Color Fastness (Color never changes over time)
- True and consistent in size across all STWRAP Rod Wrapping Threads - Nylon, NCP, Silk, Zebra, Glow and Metallic