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Maxel Reels - Rage Pro 90

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Developed as an ultra-deep-water option for slow pitch anglers, the Maxel Rage Pro reels push the limits of design and craftsmanship to achieve new feats and dominate the water column.

The main difference between the Rage Pro and other models in the series is that it features our patented Karman System, with its unique one-piece drag lever eliminating the potential issue of ‘spool lock’ when a lure/jig gets snagged between rocks.  The drag lever has been re-designed to include the Advanced Preset Controller, an anti-backlash system with a new clicking sound when adjusting the drag lever.

Rage Pro models use longer and thinner drag levers which are more convenient for fast control. Anglers can quickly adjust the drag lever with just one hand during the fight.


  • Machine one-piece aluminum frame
  • Super strong cold forged aluminum spool
  • Patented Karman System to eliminate “spool lock“
  • Advanced Preset Controller with anti-backlash system
  • Gradual drag cam for more control and less breakages
  • M-Power Torsion Mechanics for improved cranking torque
  • Carbon fiber dual drag system
  • Pin system on the spool shaft for increased durability
  • Helical cut SUS gears for increased precision and smoothness
  • Heat-treated SUS gear shaft and Heavy-duty spool shaft 

The Karman System enables the spool shaft to connect more effectively with the drag lever. When the drag lever is in the Free position, the drag plate disengages with the spool smoothly even after a lengthy fight. This means the reel goes to zero drag without any drag force, it’s a breakthrough in case it comes to issues surrounding spool lock when a jig/lure gets snagged between rocks.

In addition, the Karman System delivers more precise drag adjustment as the setting position is more accurate. This is particularly useful when using ultra-thin braided line during slow pitch jigging and allows for more control and less breakages.