Maxel Reels - Rage Series

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Rage 25H

Compact. Smooth. Precision!  A new generation of specialized reel for slow jigging.

It has been tuned to deliver a more compact appearance, lighter weight and smoother gearing and drag ,also a lighter feel when cranking the handle .

Armed with a hyper-sensitive drag system which allows it to be filled with very thin PE braid -as fine as PE0.6 . The additional ‘M’ position to the drag lever, between the ‘free’ and ‘strike’ settings, that brings significant advantages when using ultra-thin braided line, providing more precise control and minimizing line breakages.

The reel foot is now fixed with four screws instead of two for a more secure attachment; and the drag lever has been redesigned to produce a clicking sound.

The speed is also outstanding, and it has the power to enable jigging in deep water.

Features :

  • Machine one-piece aluminum frame
  • Cold forged aluminum spool
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Precision machined stainless steel gears
  • Hyper-Sensitive Lever Drag Adjustment ,with new Gradual Drag Cam
  • Smooth Drag Performance even when wet
  • Lighter & Smoother cranking feel
  • High-Speed Retrieve
  • Extended handle with aluminum ball knob
  • Heavy duty dual anodizing finish


Black / Gold
Black / Purple


R60H / R90 / R90N

We are leading the way with ultra deep water reels for slow pitch jigging with the  development of larger models Rage R60H, R90, R90N. The design and level of workmanship during the manufacturing process has taken the new models to a higher level  .This includes a more gradual and smoother drag lever adjustment , improved cranking torque ,increased durability and new sizes specifically designed for serious jigging anglers.

  • Gradual drag cam for more control and less breakages
  • M-Power Torsion Mechanics  for improved cranking torque
  • Precision and smooth gearing
  • Dual anodized finish for maximum corrosion-resistance
  • Extended handle arm and new lightweight T bar knob for a more comfortable grip and improved cranking feel


Black / Gold
Black / Purple