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Reliable Insulated Kill Bags

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Reliable Fishing insulated fish bags are by far the VERY BEST on the market. They are made with the highest quality material and insulation and have many great features for example, the material is UV resistant, they have a 12 inch gusseted bottom which allows them to stand on their own and hold more fish. All of the bags come with a drain plug for easy clean up and are completely collapsible for an easy stow away. Why use bulky coolers or make your fish holds stink? There is no need for that with the Reliable Fishing insulated fish bag. These bags hold more fish, alleviate smells, and are easy to clean and stow away. Because they have such high quality insulation, they are able to hold ice for days, which allows you to stay out longer knowing that your fish is fresh and safe Reliable Fishing Products makes 9 different sizes to accommodate all boats, no matter what the size.

RF2060 - 20" X 60" Insulated Kill Bag, Wahoo Edition

RF2848 - 28" X 48" Insulated Kill Bag, Yellowtail Edition

RF3060 - 30" X 60" Insulated Kill Bag, Mahi Edition

RF3072 - 30" X 72" Insulated Kill Bag, Offshore Edition

RF3090 - 30" X 90" Insulated Kill Bag, Big Tuna Edition