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Replacement O-Rings

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O-ring replacement for Alps, Forecast, Pac Bay, Custom Power Wrapper (CPW), and similar rod lathe drive belts and rod stand pulley wheels. The Drive belt O-ring measures 4 3/8" OD and 4" ID with a thickness of 3/16". The Stand O-ring measures 1 3/16" OD and 13/16" ID with a thickness of 3/16". 

Many of the O-rings for your rod lathe stands and drive belts are composed of a nitrite based material. Nitrile based material generally holds a shelf life of 15 years, however with constant exposure to varying temperature fluctuations and periodic contact with wrap finish shortens the life span of these O-rings. Additionally, nitrile based o-rings are coated in a material that sometimes leaves non-permanent markings on the blank as is spins on the stands. 

We have sourced alternative materials that improve these O-rings and prevent cracking and failure. Our O-rings are a steam resistant silicone based material that have an unlimited shelve life, with excellent tolerances to high and low temperatures. Our rings will not leave any markings on your blank effectively eliminating another step in the rod making process. 

If you have a different rod stand that requires a different size o-ring, send us a message so that we can work with you to find the correct size o-ring to suit your needs.