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Thrasher Rail Rod and Stand Up Blanks

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*Blanks are special order only and require a $35.00 flat rate shipping fee. 

*Orders of $400 or more receive free shipping.

*Raw blanks can either be sanded and uncoated or sanded, then coated with your choice of clear, purple, blue, green, or teal hues. Please specify when ordering what hue you prefer otherwise, clear will be assumed as hue of choice. 

*Sanding and clear coating will take 4-6 weeks prior to shipment


HM 57,000,000 modulas

 This is used in our light weight crisp action steadfast bass series. These fishing rod blanks come as a standard sanded finish with exposed graphite. HM is used to give lots of power in a small and lightweight blank. We found the perfect HM material that gives sensitivity without the breakage due to our HX2 resin system. Build your next USA made fishing rods on Thrasher! 

IM 42,000,000 modulas

 This is a great fiber used in fishing rod blanks for years. We use this fiber to give a lighter power than the HM products. This has been referred to as IM6, RX8, IMX and many other names. In the end our interpretation is it's all the same just another marketing game. Build your next USA made fishing rods on Thrasher! 

SM 33,000,000 modulas

 This is an affordable, yet durable fiber for fishing rod blanks that has passed the test of time! Years of the best blanks have been made from this fiber. It's been left in the dust of IM and HM due to the quest of marketing "the next greatest thing" Yes we use all fibers but we have a special connections with this one. Our ties to Brad Loomis & Shikari puts a little DNA of the past in everyone of our blanks! Build your next USA made fishing rods on Thrasher! 

Glass/Graphite Composite

 A combination of durable Glass and one of the above Graphite produces the suitable action and very durable fishing rod blanks for the everyday fishermen. Build your next USA made fishing rods on Thrasher! 

Line - Action - Break Point

 This is where it all gets tricky! So we decided to go after the breaking point for fishing rod blanks . When you take a blank to failure you get to see the action under each pound until it breaks. This ultimately will give you a true "line rating range" Somewhere between the when you start to see the action of the rod and before it breaks. We now put a safe line rating that pushes the blank to it's potential without coming close to it's breaking point. This is why you should build usa made fishing rods 

Design - Process

 Like nature itself each design is different using different types of material, mandrels and amount of material. We can design 2 different fishing rod blanks with different material, mandrels and amount of material and give you the same action and weight but diameter might be different. We tend to focus more on the process then give us all the feedback and ultimately are the final designer. At Thrasher we are fortunate to be associated with Brad Loomis one of the best process engineers in the industry. Build USA made fishing rods!